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29 Mar

From April 01st Russia resumes passenger airline service with Germany, Venezuela, Syria, Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan on a reciprocal basis. Thus, upon agreement with air service authorities of Germany regular flights will be performed to Frankfurt-on-Mein Moscow Frankfurt-on-Mein (five times a week), Frankfurt-on-Mein St.Petersburg - Frankfurt-on-Mein (three times a week), Moscow Berlin Moscow (five times a week) and Moscow - Frankfurt-on-Mein Moscow (three times a week). Besides, from April 01st a regular airline service is opened with Venezuela (Moscow Karakas, two times a week), Syria (Moscow Damask, once a week), Tadzhikistan (Moscow- Dushanbe, once a week), Uzbekistan (Moscow Tashkent, once a week) and Sri Lanka (Moscow Colombo, once a week).

In April amount of flights from Russia to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt and UAE is also increased (by one flight per week on a reciprocal basis) and the Russians will be able to fly to these countries not only from Moscow and St.Petersburg, but also from regional international airports.

12 Mar

In the early March 2021 a subsidiary of Aerofuels Group of Companies started refueling of regional flights in the second airport of Krasnoyarsk.

The airport of Cheremshanka plays an important role in providing inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk and nearest areas with available transport services. Today passengers are able to get to Abakan, Barnaul, Boguchan, Svetlogorsk, Noyabrsk and several other Russian cities from Krasnoyarsk quite quickly and comfortably.

A full set of services in refueling in the airport of Cheremshanka is rendered by Aerofuels Group of Companies refueling complex which was launched in Krasnoyarsk in 2016. It has been already operating in the international airport of Yemelyanovo as an alternative refueler for five years. TZK capacity is up to 2000 t of fuel per month, it is equipped with its own special refuelers and up-to-date equipment for safe aircraft into-plane fueling. The company has the experienced and high-quality personnel. Quality of jet kero and fuel and lubricants meets high Russian and international standards, including safety and environmental regulations.

04 Mar

From March 03rd, 2021, IrAero airline commenced new directions flight operation via the airport of Cheboksary. Now from the capital of Chuvashia SukhoiSuperjet 100 may take you directly to Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody and Novy Urengoy. Due to new routes launching the airport of Cheboksary has turned into a large regional transport hub, and may be used as a gateway airport for passenger transit. In the early May RUSLINE airline launched their flight program in Yekaterinburg within subsidized transportation from Cheboksary. New routes launching became possible thanks to the state support of airlines and co-financing which will be provided from Chuvashia budget.

Cheboksary is an international federal airport. Besides regular flights performed from the airport there are special flights (rotational) to the northern area cities. Since 2016 the airport of Cheboksary has been included in Aerofuels Group of Companies. For into-plane fueling Aerofuels uses its own jet fuel and guarantees competitive prices to carriers, as well as prompt high-quality service meeting all Russian and international standards and requirements.

03 Mar

On March 03rd, 2021, Aerofuels Group of Companies, the largest independent airport refueling complexes operator in Russia, succeeded in distribution of debut exchange bonds in the amount of 1 billion rubles and a circulation period of 3 years.

Applications for participation in distribution were collected on February 25th. A reliable credit profile of the company attracted a colossal interest of investors physical entities and institutional investors, which enables the company to reduce the coupon rate by 25 basis points from 9.50% per annum to the level of 9.25% per annum (YTM 9.58% per year). Spread to the federal loan bond curve on the date of the book made 392 basis points.

The issue was managed by Raifeissenbank, co-management by BCS GlobalMarkets.

Aerofuels JSC acted as the group of companies issuer, and TZK Aerofuels and Aerofuels Group LLC a parent structure for the Russian part of the group business activities, acted as offerors.

It is necessary to remind that in October, 2020, Expert RA rating agency granted ruBBB+ level of credit scoring with stable outlook to TZK Aerofuels non-financial company. Rating took into account both actual and predicted results of the group activities.

Aerofuels JSC (the issuer) is successfully operating as an alternative refueling company in three Russian airports Domodedovo (Moscow), Pulkovo (Saint-Petersburg) and Yakutsk, providing a full cycle of operations in aviation fuels reception, storage, quality control, supply and aircraft refueling.

20 Feb

Aerofuels Group of Companies developing refueling complexes network in the Russian airports plans to enter into a bond market and invite 3 billion rubles in 2021, Vladimir Spiridonov, General Director of the company, said to Vedomosti. As he also said, it is planned to invite these funds in three installments with the first one having the order book opened on February 25th.

According to the companys presentation on the Moscow Exchange website the volume of debut issue will make 1 billion rubles with a circulation period being three years, bond coupon payment 4 times a year, and the first coupon indicating rate being 9 9,5%. The bonds will be a public offer for subscription managed by Raifeissenbank.

The presentation notices that the total volume of the companys investment program till 2027 makes 5 billion rubles, 2 billion rubles of which are the equity capital. Invited funds will be sent to a new TZK construction and revamping of three current ones, as well as acquisition of new refuelers and reconstruction of the airport in Cheboksary. The debut bond-secured loan will be sent, mainly, to upgrading of the airport in Cheboksary, Spiridonov noted.

15 Feb

JP Morgan Chase specialists think that a new super-cycle of growth has been developing in the raw materials markets, the fifth in one hundred years. The previous one started in 1996, and its peak was in 2008. The JP Morgan report indicates, in particular, a probability of a long-term growth of prices for oil, as market participants place their stake on post-pandemic economic recovery. There is one more reason of energy resources price growth stated by JP Morgan, combating climate change, which may be followed by oil production control. As per JP Morgan analysts estimates, in the fourth quarter of 2021 Brent oil cost may raise up to $68 per barrel.

Not only JP Morgan Chase expects prices growth in the commodity market. Goldman Sachs Group, Bank of America and Ospraie Management analysts also predict commodity markets growth due to government programs for economic support and mass vaccination campaign for coronavirus all over the world. In particular, Goldman Sachs expects Brent oil price growth in the fourth quarter of 2021 up to $65 per barrel. Citigroup estimates that by the end of the year Brent oil will reach $70 per barrel.

03 Feb

Russia decided to resume international air communication with Azerbaijan and Armenia. A.Mishustin, Chairman of the Government, signed a corresponding resolution. From February 15th, 2021, two flights a week will be operated from Moscow to Baku, and four flights from Moscow to Erevan.

It is decided to resume air communication with Azerbaijan and Armenia starting from February 15th, 2021, by mutual consent , - the document stated.

Besides, from February 08th regular Moscow-Minsk air flights amount is increased from three to five a week, flights from Rostov-on-Don and Saint Petersburg to Minsk are resumed one flight a week, and amount of regular air flights from Moscow to Kirgizia is increased from one to three flights a week.

See details in RBC:

02 Feb
a target="_blank" href="/images/czecairlines.jpg">

Aerofuels Group of Companies extended the Contract for refueling of Czech Airlines flights in the European airports for two years (till the end of March 2023). For many years Aerofuels have been cooperating with Czech Airlines in aviation fuel supply of airlines in Russia and abroad, guaranteeing a high level service according to the current international requirements.

Czech Airlines is a national air ways company of Czech Republic founded in 1923. CSA today is one of the leading European air carriers operating flights to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Along with passenger flights the company is also engaged in charter and cargo operations, and is a member of Sky Team airline alliance.

20 Jan

Based on RBC material

From January 27th air flights to Vietnam, India, Finland and Qatar are permitted. Besides, authorities increased the amount of air flights from Moscow to Cairo. The Russian authorities decided to resume aviation communication with Vietnam, India, Finland and Qatar as the nationwide anti-coronavirus force stated in the message received by RBC. The air communication resumes from January 27th. This decision is taken due to epidemiological situation in these countries.

The message informs that the following flights are available starting from January 27th:
Moscow Hanoi, twice a week;
Moscow Delhi, twice a week;
Moscow Helsinki, twice a week;
Saint Petersburg Helsinki, twice a week;
Moscow Doha, three times a week

Besides, Russia increases a number of regular flights to Egypt: Moscow Cairo, from three to five times a week. At the same time some of these countries permitted entry only for several categories of Russians. For example, till February 09th one can get to Finland only if one has a close relative there a citizen of Finland, and if some urgent family circumstances occur. Besides, entry is also allowed for a property owner for some urgent repair. India, in its turn, allowed entry of all foreigners category, except for tourists, from October.

21 Dec

In December 2020 Aerofuels Ufa (Aerofuels Group of Companies) prolonged the fuel and lubricants laboratory Certificate of Conformity for quality control of aviation fuels, lubricants and special fluids refueled by the company to aircrafts in the airport of Ufa. The inspection was held within the Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities. The Certificate confirms that works executed by the laboratory on quality control of jet kero and special fluids fully conform to the Russian certification requirements at all stages of aircrafts supply with aviation fuel.

At the present time Aerofuels in Russia has a network of up-to-date certified laboratories located in the airports all over the country (from Pskov to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). In the laboratories there is a full complex of works on quality control of different grades aviation fuel and special fluids. They are equipped with up-to-date equipment, pass all necessary inspections regularly, and consistently confirm a high level of services rendered for aviation fuel quality control.

Aerofuels Ufa company, a member of TZK network belonging to Aerofuels Group of Companies, has their own up-to-date refueling facilities and trained personnel. TZK guarantees to their customers high-quality certified aviation fuel having passed all required laboratory inspections and tests using equipment meeting the Russian and international standards.

18 Dec

In December 2020 stock-exchange prices for jet kero in Europe are consistently growing: in early November an average price for the product in the European stock-exchanges fluctuated in the level of 300 US dollars per ton, but in mid December quotes grew up to the level of 425-430 US dollars per ton, and prices further growing tendency is kept. Thus, prices growth in relation to the previous month even today is 30%. Current dynamics of aviation fuel cost change in the European market demonstrates positive expectations of aviation fuel consumers and airlines readiness to increase air traffic volume gradually in 2021. Aviation market recovery will support global demand for fuel, which shall have a favorable impact on oil prices.

25 Nov

Expert RA rating agency awarded ru+ credit level rating to TZK Aerofuels.

TZK Aerofuels is one of Aerofuels Group of Companies subsidiaries supplying the Russian and international airlines with jet fuel in 30 airports on the territory of Russia and international market in over 100 countries worldwide. Awarded rating covers the whole Group of Companies. In particular, TZK Aerofuels carries out into-plane fueling of aircrafts in the Russian airports and renders services in jet fuel storage, transloading and laboratory analysis. The agency favorably evaluated a wide regional network of the Group of Companies own TZK on the territory of the country, due to which they are able to offer complex proposals for refueling on the routes of the Russian and international air carriers in Russia and abroad. Rating prognosis - Stable.

Expert RA rating agency founded in 1997 is one of the largest Russian credit rating agencies. Expert RA ratings are included in lists of official requirements to banks, insurance companies, pension funds, emitters, and are used by Bank of Russia, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, Moscow Stock Exchange and hundreds of companies and power authorities during bids and tenders procedure.

20 Nov

In November 2020 Aerofuels extended for two years the Agreement for Cooperation with International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A. (IAG) which includes British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, AerLingus and their subdivisions. For over ten years Aerofuels has been successfully providing jet fuel and services in IAG group members flights refuel in the Russian and international airports guaranteeing a high level service of airlines according to the current international requirements.

16 Nov

In late October 2020 AEROFUELS Nizhny Novgorod LLC received a new Certificate of Conformity for receipt, storage, preparation to delivery, delivery to refueling and refueling of aircrafts with jet fuel and anti-icing fluid in the airport of Strigino. During inspection held by the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport of Russia specialists within the Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities, the refueling complex of Aerofuels network proved full conformance to the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations for arrangement of air services aviation fuel supply, and, in particularly, for refueling of aircrafts with jet fuel.

Since January 2015 TZK AEROFUELS Nizhny Novgorod has been supplying the Russian and international airlines with fuel in the airport of Strigino. Aerofuels Group of Companies invested over 700 million rubles in TZK erection and infrastructure development in the airport. TZK is rated for 10900 m3; it possesses a complex of administrative buildings and structures, refueling depot, its own railway siding and unloading rack.

TZK AEROFUELS Nizhny Novgorod is an example of the alternative complex successful operation in one of the key airports of Russia; it guarantees to airlines a high quality level of jet kero refueling and safe servicing in compliance with the international and Russian sectoral norms and standards.

23 Oct

A branch of Aerofuels in Saint-Petersburg prolonged the fuel and lubricant laboratory Certificate of Conformity for quality control of the aviation fuels, lubricants and special fluids refueled by the company to aircrafts in the airport of Pulkovo for three years. The inspection was held in early October 2020 within the Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities. The Certificate issued on 05.10.2020 confirms that works executed by the laboratory on quality control at all stages of jet fuel supplies to aircrafts fully conform to the Federal Aviation Regulations provisions requirements.

All quality control laboratories, operating in the refueling complexes of Aerofuels network, are furnished with up-to-date equipment, pass regular inspections within the Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities and always confirm a high level of complex services in quality control of TC-1, PT, JetA-1 aviation fuels and special fluids.

Aerofuels company founded in June 2001 is successfully functioning as an alternative refueling company in three Russian airports Domodedovo (Moscow), Pulkovo (Saint-Petersburg) and in Yakutsk, offering a full cycle of services in receipt, storage, quality control, delivery of aviation fuels, and aircrafts refueling.

Aerofuels regularly passes the International Air Transport Association and the Federal Air Transport Agency inspections for conformance to the requirements of the Russian and international standards, and based on these inspections result Aerofuels confirms a high quality of their services.

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