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The Aerofuels Group
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Aerofuels Int.
5-1, Viktorenko str., Moscow, Russia ,125167

tel.+7 495 787 2628,
+7 495 787 2542
fax.+7 495 787 2629
TZK Aerofuels
5-1,Khodynsky bulvar, Moscow, Russia,125252

tel.+7 499 762 9123,
fax.+7 499 762 9124

  DATE    VALUE    UOM    DIFF  
  24.04.2019    679,25    USD/MT  
26 Feb

In February 2019, after a period of reduction and a short-time, relative stability, the oil products prices (including jet kero) moved to a phase of the intensive growth in the European market.

For example, if in January 2019 the jet kero average price in the regional European exchanges (e.g. Rotterdam and North-European) made approximately 600 US dollars/ton, then by twentieth of February it reached 650 US dollars/ton. Based on the prognosis and taking into account of the current growth tendency, an average jet kero price in Europe in March 2019 will grow by 50-55 US dollars/ton.

08 Feb

In 2019 Aerofuels Group of Companies will continue the planned re-equipping and upgrading of their quality control laboratories operating in Aerofuels refueling complexes (TZK) at the Russian airports. During a year the quality control laboratories located in four airports: St.Petersburg (Pulkovo), Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude (Baikal), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Khomutovo) will be notably re-equipped and upgraded.

Use of the up-to-date laboratory equipment in aviation fuels quality control increases a level of flights safety and guarantees fuel conformance to the requirements of the Russian and international industrial standards and regulations. All quality control laboratories included in Aerofuels TZK network undergo a regular certification within the Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities and prove their high level of equipment and set of services in aviation fuel of ТС-1, РТ, JetА-1 aviation fuels and special fluids quality control.

21 Dec

In 2018 Aerofuels Int (Aerofuels Group of Companies) provided refueling of about 49 thousand flights of the Russian and international airlines in the Russian and international airports. The growth is 25% compared with 2017 and over 50% compared with 2016.

For over twenty years of operation the company has gained confidence of the world and domestic leaders of the international aircraft operations providing refueling on the territory of Russia and practically worldwide.

Aerofuels Int cooperates with the biggest national and transnational oil companies offering to their customers a high level aircraft refueling with a good-quality aviation fuel.