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16 Jan

During winter holidays in January a friendly hockey match Warriors Brotherhood against drugs arranged by FDCS, a charity foundation Trust and municipal authorities was held in Omsk. The Group of companies Aerofuels together with the aviation company Utair became Warriors Brotherhood team partners again. Sports festival was held to promote an anti-drug attitude, a healthy life and sport, childrens and youth proactive approach to life.

Moscowites invited famous soviet hockey-players Alexander Yakushev, Sergey Makarov, Alexander Kozhevnikov and Yury Shatalov to join them in sport propaganda. The team on Omsk ice was represented by national hockey legends, the hero of Russia Nikolay Gavrilov, active officials of the FDCS central administration and even two young but, as it turned out later, very effective hockey-players - the Pegovs brothers. Veterans of the local team Avangard opposed them. Famous Alexander Yakushed opened scoring. The match was quite combative but the result was indeed a friendly score draw 8:8.

In the result the natives of Omsk got a real benefit sports festival having gathered both a young generation sports schools students, and just a real hockey fans together at the stadium stands. The fans could watch the game and also talk to the honored sportsmen and get their autographs. The team Warriors Brotherhood wished everybody there not to ruin their health with addictions, not to run into drugs, alcohol and smoking problems and to lead a healthy life.

Nowadays in Omsk hockey is very popular, there are two sports schools of hockey-players Fetisov and Kozhevnikov. As the festival participants said, when the icy palace had appeared, juvenile crime and devotion to drugs had decreased in that district of Omsk.

14 Jan

Only one refueller - Sovex company has been working in the airport for a long time. As representatives of Air gate of capital of the North consortium, controlling the airport, said, now they managed to break monopoly. In early January Shell&Aerofuels company, quite new for Pulkovo, produced the first refuelling. Dmitry Rudenko, Air gate director on strategy and development, pointed out that the aviation company responded to the second player appearance at Pulkovo quite positively being very sensitive to jet fuel prices. Mr.Rudenko explained that fuel makes up to 30 percents of a ticket self-cost. Shell&Aerofuels appearance, Air gate representative supposes, will lower kerosene prices, which is just happening. In the result that shall cause a ticket self- cost reduction for passengers, summed up Dmitry Rudenko.

Dmitry Rudenko marks that prices reduction, even if it happens, will be not very soon Shell needs to take a definite share, at present it is not very significant.

In a year, when a new terminal starts working, a new unified refuelling complex will start operating, too, including a depot and a hydrant system. After that number of operators must grow. Air gate director on strategy and development said that it was planned to engage 3-4 fuel suppliers for a new terminal. Negotiations are being held with all of them. At present, as Mr.Rudenko pointed out, Shell has turned out to be more flexible than other companies, though negotiations are being held with Rosneft and TNK-VR. None of the companies could have been operating so rapidly and dynamically for such a short period but Shell, added Mr.Rudenko.

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