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14 Nov

Within the frameworks of oil spill response drill training TZK Tomsk (a member of Group of Companies Aerofuels) and Ministry of Emergency Situations conducted the training in emergency situations remedial actions. Ministry of Emergency Situations officials together with TZK Tomsk specialists took part in this event.

The training scenario dealt with the situation simulating spillage of 2000 m³ kerosene. Upon arriving the specialists of rescue-firefighting centre and Tomsk oil depot emergency teams had to stop oil products further spreading and then to clean the fuel and lubricant depot territory. All emergency teams completed the task successfully and mastered their skills in emergency situations remedial actions.

TZK Tomsk has been a member of Group of Companies Aerofuels since 2011 and it offers a full set of services dealing with acceptance, storage and delivery of diesel fuel, benzene and aviation kerosene over the Tomsk area. The depot makes it convenient additionally to achieve a quick and on-time supply of oil products to the city and the area consumers, as well as to support the Tomsk refineries products export to other regions of Russia. At present the oil depot is a modern highly effective facility for oil products transfer. The Group of Companies Aerofuels is constantly working at the depot upgrading, re-equipment and expansion. Approximately 100 mln rubles have been invested into the fuel and lubricant depot since it was acquired.

17 Oct

Results of Shell&Aerofuels inspection earlier performed by the North-West Directorate of Rostekhnadzor were overturned.

Federal service for environmental, technological and nuclear supervision (Rostekhnadzor) took up a decision to cancel results of Shell&Aerofuels CJSC (Aerofuels Group member) inspection in Pulkovo airport: conclusions upon the inspection results provided in the Act dated 24.04.2013 were overturned.

Unscheduled inspection was performed by the North-West Directorate of Rostekhnadzor in April this year after attorneys at law "YuKS" managing partner V.I. Chesnykh sent an application about Shell&Aerofuels CJSC alleged violation of the active law. Shell&Aerofuels CJSC documented their disagreement with the inspection results and sent a substantiated response to Rostekhnadzor. After Rostekhnadzor deputy manager has studied the company letters and the regional directorate inspection material, the federal service arrived at a decision to cancel the inspection Act.

Taking this fact into consideration, Aerofuels Group of companies keeps thinking that attorneys at law "YuKS" managing partner V.I. Chesnykh actions with sending application to different services with attempts to start various inspections regarding legality of the alternative refuelling company business activity at one of the biggest airports of Russia deal with keeping monopoly in the field of aviation fuel supply in Pulkovo airport but not with flights safety concern.

10 Oct

Group of companies Aerofuels ranks 307 in "400 largest companies of Russia" annual rating published this week, moved ten points up. The main parameter to join this rating is the annual volume of products and services performance. In 2012 Aerofuels Group of companies income was 22, 526 mln. rubles, and the growth rate in relation to the previous period was 14.3 %. Such growth appeared to be above the average as according to Expert rating agency information, 400 largest companies increased their income only by 10.4% in 2012.

The main goal of "Expert-400" project is to find the largest companies of the Russian economy and to analyze a role of big business in the economic development of Russia, its structure and main tendencies of development on the basis of their business activity results. The rating contributes in the Russian economy transparency, thus favoring its activization, partnership relations and investments inflow.

Today "Expert-400" rating is the most representative list of the Russian leading companies. Over the years of its existence the rating received recognition in Russia and abroad as well, it is widely referred to by the Russian and international mass-media.

This article is prepared with the materials of Expert Rating Agency

03 Oct

As per information which Aerofuels Group of Companies has, some Moscow PR-agency tries to distribute information of negative nature through mass media concerning both the company`s operations and that of Shell&Aerofuels JV (Shell Concern is a joint venture, one of the largest direct foreign investors in the Russian economy, and Aerofuels Group, one of the largest jet fuel supply operators) in Pulkovo airport, disregarding the fact that now this negative information is being contested legislatively in court.

Group of Companies Aerofuels would like to express their gratitude to a considered viewpoint of most of the mass media judging upon the events realistically and remaining unprovoked by black PR methods.

04 Sep

S7 Airlines conducted a scheduled auditing of TZK Irkutsk LLC (a member of Aerofuels Group of Companies) and found compliance of the company with the airline requirements in fuel supply. Within the frameworks of the operation quality inner control S7 Airlines conduct such audits of the servicing companies in the part of actual condition of the material and technical resources, works safety, environment protection and technological interaction assessment in order to optimize the quality and time of company services.

The airline representatives acquainted with quality and compliance with the declared scope of the tank farm, with condition of quality control laboratory of aviation combustive and lubricating materials, aerodrome refuelling vehicles, with conformance to norms and standards of jet fuel supply and etc.

Upon the audit completion S7 Airlines representatives gave a positive opinion about the refuelling complex. As the audit report shows, all recommendations regarding to jet fuel supply of the airline flights are taken into account by Aerofuels Group, which allows S7 Airlines, in their turn, making aviation services for their passengers with high quality and safety.

In acknowledgement of a longstanding and fruitful cooperation the airline company delegation together with Aerofuels Group members planted a fir-tree in the territory of the refuelling complex.

S7 Airlines, ranking among the leaders of the civil aviation, is a frequent customer of Aerofuels Group of Companies both in the airports of Russia and abroad.

26 Aug

The meeting was held in Domodedovo Moscow airport on August 13 for discussion of aviation fuel provision issues. Representatives of the leading companies of the branch including GosNII GA, Lukoil, Gazpromneft, Rosneft, Shell and Aerofuels and Domodedovo Fuel Services gathered at the conference arranged by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA).

The experts reviewed the issues connected with regulatory environment and technical documentation of aviation fuel provision in Russia. The attention of the specialists was focused on the following issues: acceptance and storage of aviation fuel and aircrafts refuelling, problems of Russian documentation conformity to foreign requirements in connection with introduction of the standard of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 9977.

15 Aug

Aerofuels Group of Companies will invest 380 mln. rubles in the second half of 2013 into construction, reconstruction and technical reequipment of the warehouses of aviation fuels and lubricants as well as into the purchase of new refuellers and special equipment. Investment will be mainly directed to fuelling complexes of Pulkovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Kurgan, Tomsk, Kirov and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Reequipment of the three laboratories of aviation fuels and lubricants quality control by modern equipment is also planned.

09 Aug

The Company offers aviation fuel provision to exotic countries.

One of the flagships of Aerofuels Group of companies Aerofuels International marked 18 years in the summer 2013. During this period aviation carriers, the customers of the company gained the possibility to refuel their aircrafts in more than 1000 worlds airports nearly worldwide. Aerofuels International partners include the largest transnational oil companies such as ShellAviation, ExxonMobil, BritishPetroleum, ChevronTexaco, Hanwha, KuwaitPetroleum, StatOil and others.

Nowadays the customers of Aerofuels International in foreign airports include not only Russian aviation carriers but also foreign ones that gives us evidence of the professionalism of the employees and of high level of trust to the Russian company. Aviation carriers refuel their flights through Aerofuels Group in all European countries, USA, Canada etc. However, during their extensive practice the managers of Aerofuels International had to arrange refuelling in rather exotic countries within the shortest possible time: Greenland, Northern Mariana Islands, Tanzania, Timor, Guam, Laos and Cambodia, Cote dIvoire this is just an incomplete list of exotic places where Russian airlines have been refuelled thanks to Aerofuels International.

We often need to refuel not only regular but also special flights in different spots of our planet. We are glad that our work allows the airlines and their passengers filling welcome in the airspace and move nearly without any limitations, - says Gennady Pavlenko, the General Director of Aerofuels International.

08 Aug

Right after flights resumption from July 2013 Aerofuels Group has added Red Wings airline to their customers. The aviation carrier chose Aerofuels Group as the kerosene and refueling service supplier in Vladivostok and Irkutsk. Abroad Aerofuels arranges Red Wings refueling in the airports of Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece.

Today Red Wings airline has gained a reputation of a reliable and a long-term partner. We are glad that airline maintaining the air craft fleet exclusively of the Russian production has started passengers carriage again - said Yury Popov, TZK Aerofuels General Director. We are ready for any expansion of Red Wings route network. Our possibilities in refueling abroad are practically unlimited, - Gennady Pavlenko, Aerofuels International General Director added.

27 Jul

Aerofuels Group has started refueling of Tatarstan and Avia Management Group flights participating in the Federal Program on the regional traffic sponsorship in Privolzhsky Federal District from June in the airports of Kirov, Perm, Ufa and Ulyanovsk.

Taking into consideration significance of this program to provide air service availability for the public and to develop inter-regional connections, Aerofuels Group decided to grant a good discount for kerosene to the airlines carrying out flights between the cities of Povolzhye when refueling aircrafts in the refueling complexes of Aerofuels. Discounts amount makes it possible to save from 3500 to 4500 rubles per a ton of fuel, which will allow aviation fuel supply costs reduction up to 10%.

We expect that discounts offered to airlines for flights included into the sponsorship program will additionally help to settle one of the regional traffic development issues to reduce cost, and it will help to achieve main goals transport accessibility of the Russian Federation regions and their population aviation mobility, - said Vladimir Spiridonov, Aerofuels group General Director.

23 Jul

On July 20th the first refueling of Angara airline new regular flight in Vladivostok took place supported by the refueling complex TDK and Aerofuels Kamchatka refueling company (members of Aerofuels Group).

This absolutely new flight of Angara airline has connected Vladivostok and Irkutsk. Flights are carried out aboard of AN-148-100E aircrafts, flying time being 4 hours 20 minutes.

Today three refueling companies operate in the competitive environment in the airport of Vladivostok. We are glad that Angara aviation carrier has chosen our group of companies for their new flight aviation fuel supply - said Evgeny Stefanyuk, Aerofuels Kamchatka Director.

Angara is also the company customer in the airports of Blagoveshchensk, Ust-Kut and Verhnemarkovo.

17 May

On May 17, 2013 the Aerofuels Group reduced the price of aviation fuel by 3.9%, amounted to 1,400 rubles per ton in absolute terms. This is the second drop in prices since the beginning of the year at TZK Irkutsk. The total price reduction for the period made 6.3% or 2,323 rubles per ton.

A significant pricecut by summer travel season will allow airlines to save on jet fuel, which is one of the most important components of their costs. Savings on one 20 tons flight only make about 50,000 rubles. Provided that this oil market tendency of aviation kerosene pricecut remains, an airline that performs at least one flight from Irkutsk daily, may save about 5 million rubles for the summer period, said Yury Popov, the Director General of TZK Aerofuels.

TZK Irkutsk enters the network of 19 refueling complexes owned by the Aerofuels Group. It is one of the first alternative complexes in Russia, started in 2002. The refueling facility applies standards consistent with the current domestic and international norms and requirements. It also has its own laboratory to perform quality control of aviation fuel and fleet of modern aircraft fuellers.

16 May

Aviation refueling operator does not have to be a part of a major oil company to offer best prices to air carriers. Aerofuels, the private operator, has proved that. For 18 years, the company has grown from one refueler at Ulan-Ude airport into a refueling service provider at more than 1,000 airports worldwide. VLADIMIR SPIRIDONOV, the Director General of Aerofuels told SERGEY STARIKOV, RBC Daily reporter about the most convenient country to work in, market prospects, and the brand new kerosene.

A few years ago I heard that foreign airlines preferred to buy Russian fuel for future use and tanker it.

The price of fuel in the Russian market is 10-15% lower as compared to Europe. Airlines are fighting for every penny trying to catch the lowest price. If Russian oil companies raise the price, then yes, airlines take more fuel in their departure points to buy less in Russia. To respond within a day, the airlines use sophisticated software to figure out if the most profitable refueling is in departure or arrival point.

Why is fuel so expensive in Europe? After all, they have no excise duty and corruption?

Historically, kerosene is more expensive in Europe than in Russia. Another 10-12 years ago, the difference was much higher. In 1999, fuel at European airports cost $300 per ton, while in Russia the price was only $100-120. That was the prime-time for Russian airlines. Another thing, our carriers flew Tu-154, Il-86, Il-62, which had poor fuel efficiency as compared to their Western counterparts. Nowadays, domestic airlines fly Boeing and Airbus, and the price difference reduced to 5-15%. However, it does not persist all the time, because sometimes crisis happen to be. In 2011 Moscow lacked kerosene, and within three days prices leapt to $200 per ton, and the price of fuel in Moscow exceeded European by $150.

30 Apr

The Group of companies Aerofuels starts jet fuel supply of Nordwind Airlines (North Wind) flights in Ulyanovsk-Vostochny airport. The first refuelling of Ulyanovsk-Antalya flight took place on April 27th. A direct service to Turkey is offered aboard airplanes -321.

The flights are supplied with the jet fuel directly by the refuelling complex (TZK) Aerofuels Ulyanovsk. This February again TZK prolonged the full conformity certificate on kerosene acceptance and storage and aircrafts refuelling (FAR No.89) and on airport operations to support aerodrome activity in aircrafts flights provision (FAR 121) in Ulyanovsk-Vostochny airport. Besides, the laboratory of aviation fuel and lubrications quality control Conformity Certificate was prolonged, too. The Certificates were issued by the RF Federal Agency of Air Transport (FAVT) for 3 years.

That is the only TZK in the region possessing aviation refuellers of 60 m3 able to offer a quick and high-quality refuelling of aircrafts AN-124 and Boeing-747 types. Fuels and lubricants warehouse is meant for storage of 10, 800 m3 of light petroleum products, being the largest refueling complex in the airport and located directly in the territory of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny. TZK own railway siding enables continuous regular supplies of light petroleum products from 20 to 30 thousand tons a month.

24 Apr

The refuelling complex (TZK) Aerofuels Kamchatka has been successfully operating in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport for ten years already. This complex was the first in the post-soviet area to have been built green field to meet not only Russian but international standards as well. IATA fuel quality pool control inspection (IFQP) awarded the complex a highest status of fuel operations safety level - Green.

Our complex has been offering refuelling merely for five of ten years. It took first five years to agree upon all necessary documents, to build the complex and to struggle against monopoly as this TZK is an alternative refuelling complex in Yelizovo airport. Therefore, we can be proud that having overcome all obstacles we started working in Kamchatka so successfully to prove our competence and were able to build a positive and effective competitive market -Vladimir Spiridonov, Aerofuels Group General Director, said.

During operations at aprons TZK Aerofuels Kamchatka served 6 thousand 780 aircrafts, supplied 146 thousand tons of aviation kerosene and delivered 120 thousand tons of petroleum products by the tanker. The company manages Aerofuels Group oil loading fleet to provide fuel not only for TZK in Kamchatka and the island of Kunashir of Sakhalin area, but to supply light petroleum products to the distant northern region.

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