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19 Sep

In 2018 Aerofuels Group of Companies continues to supply Far East airports (Kamchatka, Sakhalin and other Far Eastern regions) with jet kero by the Northern Sea Route. Marine tanker transportation of aviation fuels is safe and proven method of delivery with which Aerofuels customers, the Russian and international airlines are guaranteed uninterrupted supply of high quality jet kero, with products delivery speed being increased making a good effect on fuel price with into-plane refueling to be decreased by 5-8% minimum.

Aerofuels Kamchatka, which celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in April 2018, manages its own oil tanker fleet of Aerofuels group (and from 2017 engaged tankers, as well). Aerofuels Kamchatka LLC, a member of TZK network belonging to Aerofuels Group of Companies, possesses its own up-to-date refueling facilities and trained personnel. At present Aerofuels Kamchatka is the only refueling complex in Russia which employees work onshore and offshore. The Northern Sea Route is the shorted way by water from Europe to the Pacific Ocean, and the main shipping line of the Russian Arctic. According to experts opinion, over the coming years the Northern Sea Route will develop as a national and international transport system.

26 Jul

In July 2018 Aerofuels Nizhny Novgorod LLC offered to four-year student pilots of Ulyanovsky Institute of Civil Aviation named after B.P.Bugaev, Aviation Marshall, opportunity to undergo practical pre-qualification training based on Aerofuels Group of Companies refueling complex in the airport of Strigino. In the course of the training and practical work the student pilots got acquainted with storage procedures and into-plane refueling technique, as well as up-to-date refueling equipment. All trainees notes high professionalism, efficient and thorough team-work of all companys employees and an inviting atmosphere of classes. Based on the practical training results, S.I.Krasnov, Institute Rector, sent to A.P.Pastushkov, Aerofuels Nizhny Novgorod LLC General Director, a grateful letter where he expressed his hope and wish to cooperate with Aerofuels in future, to strengthen contacts and to extend areas of common interest.

19 Jul

On July 11th, 2018, Aerofuels Ulan-Ude LLC, engaged in refueling in the international airport of Baikal, received the Certificate of Conformity for air services jet fuel supply. Certification was held by the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport of Russia within the Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities. Again, the company confirmed their conformance to the requirements for arrangement of the whole complex of services in aircrafts refueling with aviation fuels and anti-icing fluids IM in compliance with the Federal aviation regulations and legislation of the Russian Federation.

Aerofuels Ulan-Ude LLC is a member of the network consisting of 24 TZK being a part of Aerofuels Group of Companies. It possesses its own up-to-date refueling facilities and skilled personnel. TZK guarantees to the Russian and international air carriers refueling with high quality jet kero having passed the required laboratory quality control using equipment meeting the departmental standards.