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22 Jun

The flight tickets to the main Russian resorts can get cheaper to 10 per cent in average. The Federal Tourism Agency agreed with the Group of Companies Aerofuels refueling airplanes of more than 100 Russian airlines, including the largest ones, upon discounts to fuel, as Rossiyskaya Gazeta was told in the agency.

Oleg Safonov, the RF Federal Tourism Agency Head, taking part in The St.Petersburg international economic forum-2015, told that the respective document had been already signed. "Fuel cost share is approximately 60-70 per cent of the flight ticket total price. The discount will allow to make air traveling to the Russian resorts cheaper, - Irina Schegolkova, the Federal Tourism Agency press-secretary, remarked.

Vladimir Spiridonov, the Group of Companies Aerofuels General Director, who also participates in the forum, explained when speaking to Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent that the Group of Companies and the Federal Tourism Agency have signed the Memorandum on cooperation in the field of tourism. "We will grant fuel 15 per cent discount to the Russian airlines transporting people to the domestic resorts - for example, from Kurgan to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky or from Perm to Sochi. Besides, in the list there is Krasnodar territory, Crimea, Far East regions, Vladivostok, in particular, and the Siberia regions at the lake Baikal Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, - Vladimir Spiridonov said. He remarked that at the moment he spoke about tens of resort territories, but in the future this list can be enlarged.

At the same time 15 percent discount in particular cases can be granted in every airport on-route - for example, when an airplane is being refueled in Perm to get to Sochi, the same in Sochi when flying back to Perm. "We expect that operation price reduction, which can make 10 percent for the final customer, will enlarge the tourist flow. Thus, airplanes will be 100 per cent full, and the amount of flights will grow. The airlines will be able to make long-term plans and offer some special tariffs for passengers. That is why such solution is advantageous for all: for fuel suppliers, airlines and passengers, - Vladimir Spiridonov remarked.

As for the agreement implementation due time, the discount will be granted upon written requests from the airlines within the frameworks of existing agreements, and it will be surely kept valid for not less than one year ", - Aerofuels General Director specified.

Fuel discount is just the first stop towards the domestic tourism development. In the future the fuel supplier would prefer to invest funds into the Russian airports infrastructure development, as they told in the Group of Companies Aerofuels".


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