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25 May

Russia and Thailand are interested in resumption of direct flights between the countries to activate tourist traffic, - Ministry of Economic Development representative informed journalists on the basis of results of Mr.Maxim Reshetnikov, Head of Ministry, meeting with Minister of Trade of Thailand. Within APEC forum held in Thailand on May 21st, 2022, Mr.Reshetnikov met Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime-Minister, Minister of Trade, of Thailand.

During bilateral talks in the format closed for mass media the parties discussed current issues of an economical cooperation, and marked prospective trends of interrelation, - Ministry of Economic Development representative, having taken part in the meeting, said to the journalists. One of the issues discussed within the meeting of two ministers was tourism. Minister of Trade of Thailand expressed his hope for tourist traffic from Russia recovery. The parties agreed to discuss additionally the issues within the trade and economic cooperation sub-commission, and expressed mutual wish to resume direct flights between the countries to activate the tourist traffic. They agreed that relevant negotiations would be held by Ministers of Transport and Tourism of both countries, he added.


22 May

In March, 2022, implementation of the Guideline for the ground handling operation of Aerofuels Group of Companies procedures concerning voluntary certification started. Based on the results of inspection, Aerofuels Blagoveshchensk personnel training and qualification, first certificates of conformity were received.

The Guideline for the ground handling operation is the main permanent action document to govern regional subdivisions in the course of activities carried out in airports.

The Guideline was developed with regard to the current Russian air transport requirements, as well as international standards of JIG IATA and fuel quality pool IFQP, according to positive principles of full-scale fulfillment of processes and procedures regarding aviation fuels and lubricants reception, storage, preparation for delivery, delivery to refueling and refueling of aircrafts under normal conditions of airports activity, in the conditions enabling technical capacity of facilities, technological and refueling equipment of regional subdivisions, and with available irreducible technological stock of aviation fuels and lubricants of the required grade and quality.

05 Apr

From April 09th, 2022, Russia resumes air communication with 52 countries, including Argentina, India, China and RSA. Due to the fact that COVID level declines, it was decided to expand the list of international destinations accessible to the Russian air lines. In the meeting held on Tuesday with United Russia fraction representatives Mr.Mikhail Mishustin, Prime-Minister, informed that relevant document had been signed on Monday, April the 04th. Currently there is no restriction of flights to 15 countries, including Eurasian Economic Union countries, Qatar and Mexico. Thus, by mid April, 2022, geography of international flights of the Russian air lines will be significantly expanded.